All American Production Food and Beverage Containers have been thoroughly tested and inspected prior to shipment. The best available materials have been utilized in the manufacturing process. Workmanship is performed by skilled technicians who have many years experience in the manufacture of Our Food and Beverage Containers.

Within one year of purchase should any American Production Company product develop defects in workmanship or material, the American Production Company agrees to repair or replace parts, which prove upon American Production plant inspection to be defective. Defective parts must be shipped to the factory postage prepaid. The American Production Company will not be responsible for repairs made in the field by other than American Production representatives. All returns must have prior authorization from American Production Company and will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.


This warranty does not apply to containers that are abused or neglected.


All of our merchandise is inspected prior to shipping. In the event of shipping damage you must notify the shipping carrier.  All other claims regarding receipt of merchandise must be made to American Production within 5 days of receipt of merchandise.

No other warranty, written or verbal, other than the foregoing is authorized.

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Maximum Efficiency Insulated Stainless Steel Food and Beverage Containers
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