The History of American Production

American Production Company, Inc was founded in 1941 in response to the war effort.  It was originally located in Burlingame, California across the bay from the Kaiser shipyards in Richmond, California.  To speed construction of the liberty ships during World War II, ways were sought to improve efficiency and maximize productivity.  With thousands of workers spread across miles and miles of assembly lines an efficient, cost effective way was needed
to feed the massive work crews in as short amount of time as possible.  American Production was born in response to this need.  Mobile catering trailers customized with insulated containers of hot food traveled down the production lines to the workers - offering them a hot meal, close at hand while minimizing their time away
from their work station.

American Production insulated stainless steel containers are in demand wherever satellite feeding is required.  Our containers have wide acceptability in food service activities, both commercial and military, where prepared food and beverage must be transported to the serving area.  These containers are in use by the military, school systems  and industrial food services throughout the United States.
Our containers are the standard for use in many state and county correctional institutions. Unlike vacuum insulation, our solid material insulation reinforces and strengthens the walls of the container. This enables them to withstand rugged abuse and greatly lengthens their service life.  Super Chef containers meet or exceed Federal and Military specifications for thermal efficiency and durability. They are in compliance with U.S. Dept of Health and NSF International standards for food service equipment.
American Production is proud to be serving our military as supplier of insulated stainless steel containers
to the General Services Administration since 1976. Our containers are used by the RAF and Canadian military. American Production is an approved OEM supplier to Lockheed for use as original equipment on C-130 aircraft.
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